Why is it compulsory to purchase Third Party Insurance when entering Mozambique?

  • Mozambique does not have a Road Accident fund as is found in South Africa and other territories.
  • The Mozambique Authorities need to be assured that all foreign registered Vehicles entering Mozambique are covered for any liability incurred through the use of these vehicles on their roads and that there is a valid Mozambique insurance policy that covers these costs.
  • It is mandated in the Mozambique Road Act.

What does the policy cover?

ICE Seguros provides cover for the Insured for any Third Party Liability damage that might be incurred in Mozambique caused by or in connection with any one occurrence related to any vehicle described in the certificate of insurance.

The cover extends to both:

  • Death or bodily injury to any third party, other than to a person employed by the Insured or arising from the course of employment or if the person is a member of the same household.
  • Damage to all property, other than that property that belongs to the Insured.

Why ICE Seguros?

  • The team at ICE have been conducting business in the Mozambican insurance market since 1992. No company has a better understanding of Mozambique Insurance market conditions, challenges and requirements than the ICE management team.
  • We aim to make your purchase of insurance as smooth as possible, and we carry that service through to every aspect of your insurance experience including for the settlement of claims. We take service seriously and any poor service received will not be tolerated.

How long is the period of insurance?

The certificate is valid for 30 days from date of inception as noted on the certificate of insurance.

What is the limit of liability?

Unless otherwise stated in respect of any one occurrence, Liability shall not exceed the limit of R1,000,000.00 (one million SA Rand)

Is there any excess?

There is no excess payable in the event of a claim under this cover.

If someone has died will I be sentenced to jail in Mozambique?

  • In Mozambique this is considered a criminal case, However the Driver maybe released under bail payment, and asked to return to court at a later date. When summoned, the driver must attend the court hearing. If the Driver does not attend the court hearing he/she will be criminally charged for not obeying the court, and it is highly likely that the court will find the driver guilty of injury/death. However, bail costs are either the driver’s own expense, or their representative’s.
  • Bail will be reimbursed by the relevant authority in Mozambique, should the court rule that the driver is innocent.