Claims Procedure


In the event of a new claim with a third party, all claims must be reported to International Commercial & Engineering ICE Seguros, S.A at

The following information is required on each and every claim:

  • Certificate of insurance.
  • Fully completed and signed claim form.
  • Detailed description of the accident with sketch.
  • Full details of damage to third party vehicle or property.
  • Police case number.
  • ID (passport) and drivers licence of the Insured.
  • ID (passport) and drivers licence of the Third Party.
  • Two quotations for the repair of the Third Party vehicle.
  • Details of any other costs incurred.
  • Copy of registration documents of insured vehicle.
  • Copy of temporary import certificate of insured vehicle.
  • Copy of registration documents/livrete of Third Party vehicle.
  • Any photos taken at the scene of the accident if possible.

In the case of injuries to third parties or pedestrians:

  • Details of costs incurred up to date of submission, if any.
  • Details of possible future treatments, if available.
  • Any medical reports.
  • Details of medical institution and contact details of treating doctor if admitted.

Other important information :

  • Hospitals will have a police desk, where incidents can be reported.
  • Upon reporting to the police every person involved will receive the case number.
  • The police will investigate the circumstances of the accident, and decide who is at fault.

*Claims are assessed on an individual basis and further/additional documentation or information might be requested.